Play Nicely™ offers advice on how to manage childhood aggression. The Play Nicely™ CD-ROM is presently licensed to individuals, schools, primary care clinics, organizations, and businesses. Play Nicely™ is available in both English and Spanish.

Assume you see one young child hit another. What are you going to do?

Play Nicely™ The Healthy Discipline Handbook offers you 20 options to consider. Even if you only have a few minutes, go to the “20 options” tab and review the discipline strategies that you are most interested in learning about!  You will quickly learn ideas that you can use with children under your care at home or in school.

Play Nicely: The Healthy Discipline Handbook is based upon the Play Nicely multimedia program.  Developed at Vanderbilt University, the Play Nicely program teaches discipline strategies that can be used for children ages 1 through 10 years. The handbook is a culmination of knowledge from testing the Play Nicely program over the past 15 years. The program efficiently and effectively builds skills for parents, teachers, and health care professionals. The Handbook is available in three different languages (English, Spanish and Arabic).